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1744Re: [mythsoc] Hogwarts' locales

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  • Ted Sherman
    Jul 1, 2000
      Yes, both the Winchester house and Hearst Castle would be good locations. What
      about the resort hotel where The Shining was filmed? From the outside, at least,
      that would be impressive.

      By the way, if I remember my San Jose history correctly (having been born and
      raised there), Mrs. Winchester was in a tower of the house when the San
      Francisco earthquake of '06 hit. The tower collapsed, killing her.

      The brightly colored paint on the outside of the WH, however, would not be
      appropriate. Hogwarts needs to be a dingy gray.


      Diane Joy Baker wrote:

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      > > >From: Stolzi@...
      > >
      > > >Officials at Britain's Canterbury Cathedral rejected requests from film
      > > >giants Warner Brothers to shoot scenes of the upcoming Harry Potter movie
      > in
      > > >the historic location -because of the script's pagan imagery. The gothic
      > > >cathedral was to be the setting for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and
      > > >Wizardry but officials were worried the move might offend their
      > parishioners.
      > >
      > > I don't see Hogwarts as gothic. I see it as more of a Winchester Mystery
      > > House but even bigger. (I bet they could film it there! For those of you
      > > who don't know of it, it was built by the widow of the Winchester rifle
      > > maker
      > > who thought she was being haunted by the ghosts of the Indians killed by
      > > her husband's guns. She was evidently told by a psychic that as long as
      > > she kept building, she wouldn't die (or something like that). She kept
      > > carpenters working around the clock for years, so the house is a
      > > Victorian-era
      > > hodge-podge and includes things like staircases that lead to nowhere.
      > It's
      > > also the setting for Michaela Roessner's _Vanishing Point_. It's right
      > here
      > > in little old San Jose. Those of you coming to next year's Mythcon in
      > > Berkeley
      > > might want to take a trip south (about an hour if it's not commute time)
      > to
      > > see
      > > it.)
      > >
      > > Berni
      > I'll weigh in and say that Winchester House is a neat place. I went there
      > while I visted friends out West, and enjoyed it immensely. I think the
      > stained glass window area (they change them every once in a while so all of
      > it can be displayed) is wonderful.
      > Wonderful summary of the history, Berni---some of the structural oddities
      > also came from the fact that the woman was very short. There are tiny
      > stairs that have very long ramps, and very small risers, because she could
      > not negotiate ordinary stairs. There were also ordinary steps that led
      > nowhere. I particularly liked the glassed in structure on the second floor,
      > which one had to circle around---and you overlooked nothing below. It was
      > built to confuse the ghosts. The long sinks (placed for a short person; I
      > think she was 4'10") also stay in my memory.
      > Hearst Castle could be an interesting locale for some places in Hogwarts
      > (I'm thinking of some interiors, esp. the medieval dining hall for the
      > opening dinner), but logistics for filming would take wizards to get the
      > equipment up there. It's *really* isolated! I'm sure there'd be some
      > marvelous Victorian homes that would work for exteriors. ---djb.
      > >
      > >
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