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1737Re: [mythsoc] Recent Fantasy

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  • David S. Bratman
    Jun 30, 2000
      Bill wrote:

      > Now...having said all that...I also thank whatever fantasy gods that
      > be for Eddings, Jordan, Brooks, Goodkind,etc. If not for them, I doubt that
      > publishers would be printing much fantasy at all. I credit Brooks and
      > Eddings in saving the Ballantine Adult Fantasy line. Jordan generated the
      > interest and revenue that led St Martins to print more hardcovers like
      > deLint's.
      > In the best of all possible worlds, we would be constantly treated
      > to writing like Tolkiens, or Lewis, Morris, Dunsany....but life is not
      > perfect. I'll tolerate some brain candy to be able to get to the dessert.

      I disagree. The Tolkiens and Dunsanys are far between, and always have
      been. It's not the bestselling fantasy which is supporting such few
      geniuses as there are, because the audience for the bestsellers is not
      looking for that kind of writing. (Even Tolkien looks dull and
      old-fashioned to some of them.) There are some writers of potential
      quality who have even been discouraged from pursuing it because of the
      pressure from bestsellers.

      As for midrange writers like de Lint, I suspect they'd sell better if
      they didn't have so much competition. While few readers of Jordan and
      Eddings would perhaps turn to Dunsany if everything else retroactively
      ceased to exist, I suspect many of them would turn to de Lint.

      My other complaint is that the more "brain candy" there is, the harder it
      is to slog through it trying to find the dessert.

      Diane wrote about Jordan:

      > I *knew* I was in for a long haul ... He needed to take out the
      > incidental materials and "cut to the chase."

      As Tolkien is not exactly a "cut to the chase" author either, I suspect
      there is more to Jordan's problem than this.

      David Bratman
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