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17341Re: [mythsoc] Some Interesting Issues: (Was: Re: J. Chance / Marquette)

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  • Walter Padgett
    Dec 3, 2006
      Yes. I'm with you guys on this.

      I don't suppose Dickens scholars, (or Hemingway scholars or any other lovers
      of a group of author's works, for that matter), "make a living" out of their
      scholarship on such. Professors get paid for *teaching*, too. Underpaid
      Ph.D.'s have choices about how they are going to make a living, and more
      opportunities than they imagine, I would guess (generalizing).

      The context of the conflict: The one point is to make a living. The other
      point is to do scholarship (or theory or criticism) from the heart, and not
      have it be bound up with the necessity of meeting life's demands, whatever
      the medium of exchange we decide to use for economic purposes.

      Doing Inkling scholarship almost always just comes naturally to these folks,
      regardless of the money, property or prestige it may involve.

      I think any of us can get a little testy when we have something at stake in
      the game, but money doesn't seem to have a lot to do with that.

      Thanks, Walter.

      On 12/2/06, WendellWag@... <WendellWag@...> wrote:
      > In a message dated 12/1/2006 2:18:53 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      > dbratman@... <dbratman%40earthlink.net> writes:
      > He's not a programmer. A sneering article attacking the editors of the
      > Tolkien linguistic material once described him as "a record store clerk,"
      > but while he does work at a record store his position is more responsible
      > than that. And the article distinctly failed to mention that he has a
      > Ph.D. in Germanic linguistics. (He should be a professor somewhere, but
      > have you seen the job market lately? There's a lot of underemployed Ph.D.s
      > out there.)
      > You're right, and I think I even knew that. I may have gotten him mixed up
      > with Christopher Gilson, one of the other major Tolkien linguists, who is
      > a
      > programmer, I believe. And to complete the set of major Tolkien linguists,
      > there's Patrick Wynne, who does something associated with dentistry
      > (dental
      > assistant, manufacturer of false teeth, anyway something associated with
      > dentistry but not a dentist). In any case, the point is that most of us
      > don't make
      > our living out of the Inklings.
      > Wendell Wagner
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