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17308Greetings, Gentlemen - an introduction of sorts

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  • auricdor
    Dec 1, 2006
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      I'm new to the group - although I have a longstanding interest in the
      Mythopoeic Society (going back to my early teens) and in the Inklings
      in particular, as well as a deep and abiding respect for their work.

      Some of you are already aware of this to a degree having seen some of
      the (gah!) hype associated with the film rights sale to my novel,

      Since some of the concerns voices here were not dissimilar to those in
      other forums, I thought it might be helpful to direct those of you who
      are interested to an interview I did regarding this project:


      Outside of that, there's little substitute for having direct access to
      the author to ask questions of and get answers from, so I hope you'll
      feel open to ask whatever you'd like.

      Best regards to you all -

      James A. Owen
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