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  • Jason Fisher
    Dec 1, 2006
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      > Hmmm. Is it remotely possible, I wonder, that the names
      > "suggested a story" to Tolkien as he was writing App.A: Of
      > the Dwarves? After all, the process of writing the history
      > and the family tree implies that he was once again sifting
      > through Voluspa (in bound form or from memory). Balin and
      > Glóin are, for reasons stated, the two non-royal dwarves
      > mentioned in connection with the battle. Could it be that
      > you're right: these names in fact did inspire the Great Pyre?

      It could be. Tolkien tended to start with a name, puzzling over its meaning, and a story often developed out of those linguistic musings. The fact that he chose Balin as a name for a dwarf in The Hobbit, of course, would have had nothing to do with this (being many years earlier), but the etymology of the name could indeed have brought this particular dwarf back into the forefront of his story-making later.

      Jason Fisher

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