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17293Re: J. Chance / Tolkien Encyclopedia

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  • Jason Fisher
    Dec 1, 2006
      --- William Cloud Hicklin wrote:
      > The basic procedure for PoMo critical analysis:
      > Step 1) Find something in the text which might be vaguely
      > political
      > Step 2) Construct thereon a "political viewpoint" for the work
      > Step 3) Attack the author's politics
      > Extra credit if the politics marginalize a recognized victim
      > group.
      > Double extra credit if the "political viewpoint" is wildly
      > anachronistic.

      LOL, nicely done. I smell a new Foucault/Derrida drinking game in the offing. :)

      (This is verging on going off-topic, if it hasn't already, but I had to comment.)

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