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17285Re: [mythsoc] Re: Fastitocalon

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  • Walter Padgett
    Dec 1, 2006

      It is just this kind of thing in a documentary/biography film (with
      the right actors) on Tolkien that would be in order, I think.

      - - -

      On 11/30/06, "Beregond. Anders Stenström" <beregond@...> wrote:
      > Larry Swain wrote:
      > >>In closing, I should say that I had wanted to find out why Tolkien took Fastitlocan for a tortoise rather than whale, but was unable to trace anything linguistically...not that I put that much effort into it.
      > >>

      > Tolkien's _Letters_, number 255, says that "Fastitocalon" in the
      > Anglo-Saxon bestiary seems to be a corruption of _Aspido-chelone_
      > (with a macron on the second "o"), which he translates "turtle with
      > a round shield (of hide)".
      > For what it's worth, I can mention that when I visited Oxford
      > University's Museum of Natural History some years ago, practically
      > the first thing facing one inside the entrance was a giant turtle.
      > I do not know if it was there in Tolkien's time, but it looked as
      > if it might have been.
      > Chivalrous greetings,
      > Beregond
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