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  • Anglin Turcam
    Dec 1, 2006
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      As for 'the Problem of Balin', I've come to the conclusion that
      > this represents a deliberate alteration by Tolkien of a name which
      > does appear in the EDDA, but the argument is too complicated for
      > quick explication in an e-mail; drop me a line off-list if you'd

      Dear Mr John,
      I have read now the Dronke's pages you've gave me to read on your
      previous message ...
      She take some interresting choices to translate or traduce each of
      the dwarfs-names occuring in the Dvergatal (roster of dwarves in the
      Völuspá)but I've also mine whish are coming from some very acute
      french translators (Lecouteux, Dillmann, Boyer) including also Zoegä
      and Cleasby-Vigfusson Old Icelandic / English dictionnaries.

      A point is to made to the problem of Balin you speak previously :
      Curiously the names of Balin and Gloin are present also after the
      Azanulbizar Battle between Orcs and Dwarves and the burning of the
      Dwarven corpses (only one time in all the orcs/dwarfs war they burst
      upon the text !) and when we take a look closely to these two dwarfs-
      names we learned that :

      bál, n. (1) fire ; slá b. = drepa eld ;
      (2) flame, blaze ; gera b., to make a blaze ;
      (3) pyre, funeral pile ; bera e-n à b., to carry to the pyre ; stíga
      á b., to mount the pyre.
      [ZoëgaCDOI], p. 45A

      Balin may be from bál 'fire', and mean 'Burning-one'. (The -inn
      terminaison in these names indicates a past participle form.)
      [AllanGivingofNames], p. 223 (pp. 223-4 for other possible sources)

      and for Gloin :
      Glóinn The glowing one. Cp. glóa, 'to glow'.
      [GouldPMLA], p. 948

      Glóinn 'the glowing one'
      [MotzFrümittelalterliche], p. 104

      Glói Vsp. 15,4 R, Glóinn H; SnE I 66 GloiN rTW, gloni U; þul 5,2 d.c.
      gloinn ; glóa, v. 'to glow'_'the glowing one'.
      [MotzFrümittelalterliche], p. 114

      glóa (að, or óða, -ót), v. (1) to shine, glitter (2) to glow with
      [ZoëgaCDOI], p. 167B

      Gloïnn Glowing-one
      [AllanGivingofNames], p. 222

      Bibliography :

      [GouldPMLA], C.-N. Gould, Dwarf-names : a study in old icelandic
      religion, in PMLA (Publications of the Modern Language Association of
      America),n°44, 1929, p939-967.

      [MotzFrümittelalterliche], Motz Lotte., New thoughts on Dwarfs-Names
      in Old Icelandic, Frümittelalterliche Studien 7, 1973, P.100-117

      [ZoëgaCDOI], Geir T. Zoëga, A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic,
      Dover Publication, INC. Mineola, New York 2004 (unabridged
      republication of 1910), 551p.

      [AllanGivingofNames], Allan Jim (éd) et al. An Introduction to Elvish
      and to other Tongues and Proper Names and Writing Systems of the
      Third Age of the Western Lands of Middle-Earth as set forth in the
      Published Writings of Professor John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. Hayes
      (Royaume Uni) Bran's Head Books, 1978, 303p.

      If this dwarf-name (balin) could so mean the-one-who-carry-to-the-
      pyre, or funeral pyre, why no one who speaks about these Balin
      Problem said something like that ?
      (The Gloin name reveals also a relation between these two names and
      the funeral pyre and the burning of the dwarves !)

      Everybody known also that Balin occurs a second time in the Lord of
      the ring as a runic inscription on a tomb in Moria ?

      Did this names as to be taken all the time as a simple coincidence ?
      Or Text and rhymes shemes to fit with the other dwarfs-names ?
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