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17224Re: [mythsoc] Re: J. Chance

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  • David Emerson
    Nov 28, 2006
      >From: Jason Fisher <visualweasel@...>
      >Anybody who was at the Marquette conference in 2004
      >will remember Jane Chance more or less "heckling" Mike
      >Drout during the Q&A for his paper. Is "heckling" too
      >strong a word? Perhaps I should have said she "strenuously
      >challenged" Mike on a point or two.

      I was there, and my impression was that she was insisting that she was absolutely right and he was absolutely wrong, and that she was prepared to dig in and argue until he admitted the "obvious" correctness of her position. Fortunately, he made some conciliatory let's-agree-to-disagree type of statement from the podium and moved on. (dot org)


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