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17199Re: [mythsoc] Silmarillion dramatization(s)

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  • Walter Padgett
    Nov 26, 2006
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      Yes Debra,

      I have listened to Shaw's reading of _The Silmarillion_ many times,
      myself. But I can't help but have some bewildering problems with the
      variety of wonders presented in his fascinating rendition of that
      particular edition of Christopher Tolkien's translation of his
      father's works on the history of Middle-earth.

      How, for example, can we know that Shaw's pronunciation is correct?
      Maybe it's quite different from what Tolkien intended.

      What kind of a linguist could recover Christopher Tolkien's actual
      pronunciation at the time he read _The Silmarillion_ aloud to himself?

      These are questions that can be answered today.

      Thanks, Walter.

      On 11/23/06, Walter Padgett <wpadgett@...> wrote:
      > what if he read it aloud to himself?
      > On 11/22/06, Debra Murphy <dlm@...> wrote:
      >> > In the case of SIL, I found myself falling in love with the book
      when I heard it read aloud, though it initially left me a bit cold
      when I read it on the page. Given Tolkien's own passion for philology,
      and particularly his aesthetic passion for the sound of certain
      languages and words, I couldn't help but wonder if he "heard" it more
      than "read" it when he was writing it, if you know what I mean. In
      fact, I'd be very curious if any critical work has been done on this
      aspect of JRRT as a writer--if anyone knows of any, please let me
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