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17160The Starlight Circle Players' opened the Song Challenge to Anyone and Everyone

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  • lezlie1@znet.com
    Nov 10, 2006
      Hi -- Because we opened the Song Challenge to Anyone and Everyone, I'm
      sending this to all of you here & am asking all of you to send this to
      anyone you know who would enjoy this Challenge:

      For greater amusement, The Starlight Circle Players have challenged the
      singer/songwriters and musicians who will attend to re-arrange (in their
      own musical styles and using the original lyrics) either of the following
      songs: "15 Men on a Deadmen's Chest" or "Drunken Sailor" (or a combination
      of both). The songs will be performed between courses and recorded on CD.

      Send a recording to TSCP c/o Lezlie Kinyon, 2998 Shasta Rd. Berkeley, Ca
      94708 -- we'll ask you to sign a waiver & add you to the CD, "Pyrate
      Lunacy". People on the CD get a copy gratis, and friends & relatives can
      buy one through the website around Christmas.

      If you are in the Bay Area, you can perform your interpretation/entry at the
      Fundraiser, "A Pyrate Winter Holiday" December 1, contact us for details.
      There will be a prize for "Best of the Evening". If you need us to record
      you, contact us to make arrangements.

      I was inspired by a CD called ‘The Money or the Gun’, in which a lot of
      musicians rewrote ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ and I thought: how really fun and
      goofy. We've all heard the Chieftains’ "Drunken Sailor" on their CD 'Deep
      Blue Sea' and the thrasher version of "Yo Ho Ho" on the radio. The
      challenge is the old lyrics and melody and one’s own musical style, be it
      full-on Wagnerian aria, a Broadway show tune, country, Dylanesque folk,
      ‘60s ‘Haight Ashbury’ rock, death metal, hip hop, tango, Bollywood, or
      Balkan dance music. There is a prize for the best of the evening. Musicians
      should be sure to call us if they have questions, and let us know in advance
      if they will use electric instruments, as we’ll need to accommodate for them
      in the recording process.

      BB! Lezlie

      Systems Approaches in Arts-Informed Inquiry
      Exploratory Group Chairs: Lezlie Kinyon, Ph.D & Bela A. Banathy Ph.D.
      Planning is now underway for the 51st Annual Meeting of the ISSS, August
      5-10, 2007, at Tokyo Institute of Technology.
      Kyoichi Kijima, ISSS President, 2006-2007
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