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17097Re: Santorum evokes Tolkien

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  • ftl_publications
    Oct 26, 2006
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      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Carl F. Hostetter" <Aelfwine@...>

      > He simply meant that by waging the War on Terror in Iraq, we're
      > keeping it from having to be waged here.
      > What is unclear to me is the point of pretending that he meant
      > something other than he did, or even more mysterious, of using this
      > list as a forum for partisan political discussion.

      In the opinion of the Friendly Neighborhood Mythsoc List
      Administrator, it is relevant to the list to mention that a member of
      Congress referred to Lord of the Rings, it is relevant to the list for
      list members to discuss this in the context of what Tolkien said about
      applicability, and it is relevant (though silly) to point out that a
      real person's name is similar in spelling to one of Tolkien's

      If the discussion had wandered into discussing whether or not the U.S.
      ought to be in Iraq, I would have considered that partisan political
      debate and irrelvant to the list. However, I have not seen that happen

      Friendly Neighborhood Mythsoc List Administrator
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