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  • John D Rateliff
    Oct 10, 2006
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      The "Tales of Earthsea" movie is now out in Japan and doing very
      well, although reviews are apparently mixed. The general consensus
      seems to be that it's very pretty but that as a director Miyazaki Jr.
      is no Miyazaki. The newest issue of Anime Insider magazine (#37, Oct.
      2007, pages 10-11) mentions Le Guin's disappointment in the results
      (although she admits it's better than that Sci-Fi Channel horror) and
      includes some interesting background. Turns out Miyazaki himself
      approached her some twenty years ago about making an Earthsea film
      and she turned him down, having never heard of him at the time. A few
      years ago she changed her mind and contact Studio Ghibli, but by then
      Miyazaki, who keeps talking about how he's going to retire, wasn't
      interested in doing it himself. Too bad; a missed opportunity.
      The film won't be out over here until 2009 at the earliest, but
      yesterday I saw an elaborate artbook at an import store, and what I
      suspect is a "making of" book (neither of which I could examine
      because they were shrinkwrapped).
      Also recently heard the cd-single of the theme song, which I found
      hauntingly beautiful.


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