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17034Re: [mythsoc] "The Company They Keep"

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  • David Emerson
    Oct 6, 2006
      >Interesting--a few days ago I received a v. nice postcard advertising
      >the forthcoming release of Diana Pavlac Glyer's long-awaited book on
      >the Inklings as a writers' group. Has anyone else received one of

      She was passing them out at Mythcon this year. She read an out-take from the book as a paper, and it was well-received. I am very much looking forward to the book.

      >"This extraordinary chalk figure . . . was carved into the turf about
      >3000 years ago . . . What exactly it is supposed to represent remains
      >anyone's guess. The most accepted legend claims that King Alfred cut
      >the figure to celebrate his victory over the Danes . . . in 871." --
      >Lonely Planet guide: ENGLAND, chronologically challenged entry on The
      >White Horse of Uffington (page 402).

      Reminiscent of the ONION article about "Wikipedia celebrates 500th anniversary of Declaration of Independence." ;-)


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