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17015Re: [mythsoc] Re: Peter Jackson and The Hobbit

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  • aveeris523@aol.com
    Oct 1, 2006
      In a message dated 10/1/06 6:11:35 AM, keith@... writes:

      > Peter Jackson is not in any way involved in a movie adaptation of THE
      > HOBBIT at the moment. MGM has made an announcement regarding the
      > HOBBIT and Jackson's possible involvement without even contacting him.
      > So he is not actively working on a HOBBIT screenplay but has just been
      > tossing around some idea how it could be done.
      > And he is not suggesting to invent completely new material, but simply
      > enhance the hints that are already there in the HOBBIT. Episodes which
      > Tolkien sketched out later (and which probably can be found in various
      > books edited by Christopher Tolkien) such as the actions of the White
      > Council, hints of the Necromancer and what Gandalf was up to, when he
      > was not with the dwarves and Bilbo. I see nothing wrong with that
      > actually. It is only a movie. And if it is made like that, it may be
      > successful. If they try to maintain the children's book tone of the
      > book, it will tank.
      > There's plenty of back-story in "The Council of Erebor" I read it in The
      Annotated Hobbit, very interesting stuff!

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