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17012Peter Jackson and The Hobbit

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  • WendellWag@aol.com
    Oct 1, 2006
      For those of you that are gullible enough to still think that Peter Jackson
      has the slightest shred of decency in him, consider the following statement
      about Jackson (from _Entertainment Weekly_, September 29, 2006, page 17):

      > . . . Jackson has indeed started thinking about what he might do with _The
      Hobbit_. He's
      > especially intrigued by the idea of making two films and inventing new
      material to fill in
      > gaps in the story, since the plot . . . is fairly simplistic compared with

      There's no mention of Tolkien after the first paragraph of this article.
      Apparently Tolkien has now reached the status of "Huh, Tolkien? He's like the
      writer of the book, right? He's been dead three decades and his family
      doesn't even own the cinematic rights to the stories, right? Could someone please
      prepare a summary of the plot of the book? I don't have time to read an
      entire book before writing a script."

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