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17011Re: [mythsoc] Paul Park -- and Keith Donohue

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  • jane Bigelow
    Sep 27, 2006
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      I recommend The Stolen Child heartily--though possibly not just
      before sleep. After all this discussion, I've got to take a look at
      A Princess of Roumania for myself. Anything that draws such
      disparate opinions from this group is worth a try.


      At 07:06 PM 9/27/2006, you wrote:

      >From: "David Emerson"
      > >
      > > Now compare the preceding with the following excerpt from the next novel I
      > > picked up, Keith Donohue's THE STOLEN CHILD:
      > >
      > > Similar in that it's a passage without much action, mostly description,
      > > and talking about people out in the cold forest. But Donohue's phrasing
      > > sings where Park's plods. And I deliberately chose one of the least
      > > poetic passages I have come across so far, of which there are many (and
      > > I'm only on chapter 5). Here's a different passage that particularly
      > > impressed me:
      > >
      > > "Mr. Martin may not have been a fairy, but he was very fey. Tall and
      > > thin, his white hair long in a shaggy boy's cut, he wore a worn
      > > plum-colored suit. Christopher Robin all grown up and gone to genteel
      > > seed. Behind him stood the most beautiful machine I had ever seen.
      > > Lacquered to a high black finish, the grand piano drew all of the vitality
      > > of the room toward its propped-open lid. Those keys held in their
      > > serenity the possibility of every beautiful sound."
      > >
      > > The images explode into the brain. He makes a piano seem alive, and a
      > > person seem like a myth. Donohue is someone I would refer to as a major
      > > stylist.
      >That certainly sounds like something I would enjoy reading!
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