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    Sep 25, 2006
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      At 02:03 PM 9/24/2006 -0500, David Emerson wrote:

      >His setting up our world to be an invention of the other world was
      >definitely not a cliche.

      Wasn't it? Most fictional worlds that (within the fiction) are "more real"
      than ours seem to feel distinctly less real. Actually, most fictional
      worlds seem less real than ours, but when the author uses this set-up it
      really brings it out. E.R. Eddison almost got away with it in "A Fish
      Dinner in Memison", purely by stylization, but Roger Zelazny certainly
      didn't with Amber. How would you measure Park's achievement against those?

      David Bratman
      It's hard to measure, because the two worlds (one being essentially modeled on the other, with a few
      tactical changes) are so intimately entwined that a lot of things we take for granted feel like they can
      be assumed about the other world as well, until the plot surprises us by showing us otherwise.
      _A Fish Dinner in Memison_ is actually a pretty good parallel, although there's no resemblance between
      the plots.

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