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  • Staci Dumoski
    Jun 14 9:59 AM
      On Mon, 14 Jun 1999 Stolzi@... wrote:

      > If anyone's interested, I just came across a mega-site on the planned
      > three-film live-action trilogy of LORD OF THE RINGS. This is apparently a
      > quite serious project.
      > The URL is http://ringbearer.org/

      Additionally, the official production web site is up at

      There isn't much there yet, but there are really lovely conceptual
      drawings/photos (some are a combo); if they can achieve the vision
      expressed there, they'll be halfway to a good film. Of course, the rest
      will depend on script and casting...

      And yes, they did spell "Gandalf" as "Gandolf" in one of the captions.
      Hopefully, it was just a slip of the fingers...

      Staci Ann Dumoski Phantastes
      Editor and Publisher "The Fantasy Writer's Guide"
      editor@... http://www.phantastes.com
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