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  • Chip Morris
    Nov 24 6:27 PM
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      Hi all,

      Well, I've been involved with Tolkien's work since I was
      a child. I can remember sitting in class while my 4th
      grade teacher read to us the incredible yarn, The
      Hobbit. It was from then on I was hooked.

      I am a part time writer, though to earn money I work as
      a Software Technician and Web site designer. I love
      Tolkien, and all his works from the Sillmarillion, and
      beyond. He has affected my writing to, and I often find
      myself trying to meet the challenge of creating a story
      that is unlike Mr. Tolkien and the other Inklings. I
      also am a big fan of C.S. Lewis, Lloyd Alexander and
      Robert Jordan (of The Wheel of Time and Conan Fame).

      I love discussing Tolkien's work and his works.

      Hope to hear from ya soon. :)


      Brain: Are you Pondering What I'm pondering?
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