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16937RE: [mythsoc] Tolkien Criticism

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  • Croft, Janet B.
    Sep 6, 2006
      Ashleigh--Take a look at the bibliographies in Tolkien Studies. If your
      institution gets Project Muse, it's available online. If you need to ILL
      it, in v.1 (2004) it's pages 183-189 and called "Bibliography (in
      English) for 2001-2002; in v.2 (2005) "Addenda and Corrigenda" to the
      v.1 list is on p. 288 and "Bibliography (in English) for 2003" on p.
      317-322, and in v. 3 (2006) "Bibliography (in English) for 2004" pages
      267-276 with addenda to the 2003 list on 276.

      I think it's as close to exhaustive as you're likely to get for
      scholarly articles and books, but they do sometimes miss a few. If you
      say "at least xx articles and books" as you proposed, you should be
      safe. You might add "in English" because there are thriving scholarly
      journals in other countries as well - I know of at least one in Germany.

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      Subject: [mythsoc] Tolkien Criticism

      Hi all,

      Long-time lurker, first-time poster...

      I'm currently working on a research proposal for my PhD thesis
      (looking at the relationship between 'reality' and 'fantasy' in
      popular epic fantasy). I want to give some indication of the extent
      of 'Tolkien studies', something along the lines of "In 2005, there
      were at least xx books and xx journal articles published on
      Tolkien...". Even better would be if I could specify how much of that
      was just on 'The Lord of the Ring'. Does anyone have any suggestions
      as to where I could find these types of statistics?

      Ashleigh Ward

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