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16871Dark Tower/1950s

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  • John D Rateliff
    Aug 10, 2006
      Came across something the other day I thought I'd share: think I now
      have an answer to my earlier question of why Lindskoog at one point
      advanced the argument that "The Dark Tower" was written in the 1950s.
      I was looking up something else in SLEUTHING C. S. LEWIS, which is
      not an easy book to reference, and think I picked out the sequence
      (my thanks to Joe Christopher for suggesting to me that the answer to
      why Jared Lobdell had fixed on such a date was in this volume
      somewhere). On pages 108-109 she claims that an official from the
      British Library went to the Bodleian to look at "The Man Born Blind"
      and later wrote her that the manuscript was written in "a light blue
      ink that was not available until 1950". The next time she refers to
      this blue ink, she has transferred it from the short story to the
      novel fragment THE DARK TOWER (page 304, 376). I think this must
      underlie her "Florence Jacobsen" scenario, the claim that the book
      originated as a round-robin story to which Lewis contributed (page
      267). That's all I cd turn up, aside from a reference to Douglas
      Gresham's claim, according to Lindskoog, that DT was written in 1958
      (page 228; see also 286-287); if he offered any evidence, she does
      not report it.
      I also discovered that she didn't believe CSL wrote Tolkien's
      obituary, but I have no idea why; her references were too oblique.

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