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  • Romuald Lakowski
    Aug 2, 2006
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      I've been lurking on the mythsoc group for almost a year now,
      so it's probably about time I posted something.

      The film "J.R.R. Tolklein: A Portrait" and its companion piece "Tolkien
      are both available in North America (Canada and US only) through
      Films for the Humanities and Sciences. Their website is


      Just type in Tolkien into the search engine to bring up a list of items
      on Tolkien.

      The prices are as follows:

      1. J.R R. Tolkien: A Portrait (1hrs 49 mins) DVD-R and VHS $129.95US

      2. Tolkien Remembered (38mins) DVD-R and VHS $89.95US

      The prices are a bit on the steep side but they include public
      performance rights.

      "Tolkien Remembered" is clearly a companion piece to "A Portrait" -- it
      the same people and must have been made about the same time. However,
      there is very little overlap between the two. It was originally
      broadcast on
      The Learning Channel in 1992. I think it's the best documentary of
      I have seen and at 38mins is short enough to show in a single class.

      Dr. Romuald (Ronnie) Ian Lakowski
      Dept. of English
      Grant Macewan College
      Edmonton, Canada
      lakowskir@...; lakowskir@...