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16842Fwd: [mythsoc] sad news

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  • Linda DeMars
    Aug 1, 2006
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      Grace, et. all- Mary was my first contact with your group. I knew her
      first through the Patrick O'Brian book list. She introduced me to
      you all and more recently to the SpareOom list. I am forwarding a
      note I sent to those two groups after a member of SpareOom. I was
      feeling sorry that I would not get to Mary in Oklahoma but I will now
      hope for next year in San Francisco.

      Linda DeMars

      I am so sad to hear about Mary. Although I have only met her face to
      face twice, or at least at two conferences, I consider her a very
      dear friend. We first met on the Patrick O'Brian list a few years
      ago. At one point she had duplicate copies of a Tolkien book for
      sale and I contacted her first and bought it. Later she wrote me
      about Mythcon in Nashville and I was able to attend. Then it was I
      first saw her in person. A few years have gone by and I tell her I
      might get to go England 2005 for the Tolkien Conference ( which I
      didn't).She told me about the Lewis Symposium at Belmont in November,
      2005, and I did get to go. We had coffee together and she showed me
      the "nun bun" , and later we had lunch with John Grainger, who has
      written some most interesting books books and articles about Harry
      Potter, which was such a treat. Since then we have every now and
      then sent each other articles and notes (poems, ideas, etc). Just
      last week she sent me a very interesting article written by a woman
      who has a child with Down syndrome since she remembered I have an
      adult son with Down Syndrome. I told my sister to tell her
      sister_in_law to pray for Mary and tomorrow I will call my church. I
      was just congratulating her on the youngest son's engagement to such
      a beautiful girl in Japan. God bless her - she is in His Hands - may
      all be well!

      Linda D.

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      > Dear List,
      > Some of you already know: Mary Stolzenbach (Diamond Proudbrook) has
      > suffered
      > a very serious head injury and is in the hospital her in Nashville.
      > There is
      > not a prognosis or timeline for recovery at this time. Please
      > remember her
      > in your prayers. If there are significant changes, I will post them.
      > Sadly,
      > Grace Walker Monk
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