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16835Through the Shadowlands

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  • John D Rateliff
    Jul 26 3:25 PM
      Mentioned this to a few people recently who I thought would already
      know about it and found they didn't, so sharing the news here that
      the earlier version of the SHADOWLANDS movie is now available on dvd.
      It's been renamed THROUGH THE SHADOWLANDS, presumably so folks won't
      confuse it with the remake starting Anthony Hopkins and Deborah
      Winger. Recommended. Josh Ackland is a far better Lewis than Hopkins,
      far less passive, and the guy they have playing Warnie is amazingly
      good. Claire Bloom isn't as good a Joy Gresham as Winger--too sweet
      and ethereal rather than energetic and brassy--but otherwise it's the
      better of the two films.

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