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16834Re: [mythsoc] A couple of questions about Mythcon

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  • Edith.Crowe@sjsu.edu
    Jul 25, 2006
      Edith has the banner, but no room in her luggage this year. Banner is
      quilted and very fat; luggage is carryon only.

      Edith L. Crowe | (408) 808-2037 | edith.crowe@...
      Interim Collection Development Coordinator
      Art & Humanities Librarian & Coordinator of Graduate Instruction
      San Jose State University Library (http://www.sjlibrary.org)

      Corresponding Secretary of the Mythopoeic Society (http://www.mythsoc.org)

      "Berni Phillips" <bernip@...>
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      07/24/2006 07:00 PM
      Please respond to


      Re: [mythsoc] A couple of questions about Mythcon

      From: <WendellWag@...>

      > 1. Is anybody other than me bringing a banner for the procession (not
      > counting the Mythopoeic Society banner)?

      I think people just forget to bring their banners. I'm not sure who has
      dum banner, Ellie or Edith. Ellie made it, so it makes sense that she
      have it,
      but she has a small apartment and Edith has a house. Ellie won't be
      year so if she has the banner, that probably won't be coming either.

      Please bring yours anyway. It's a lovely tradition and it's a shame to
      up on
      it because the rest of us are more forgetful or miss the procession.

      > 2. Is anyone other than me bringing books, etc. for the Society auction.

      > It
      > appeared that I contributed about half the books, etc. for the auction
      > two
      > years ago. The auction would be more interesting if more people
      > contributed
      > books, etc.

      We will probably be lazy and save the books for next year, since it's in
      neck of
      the woods. On the other hand, maybe I'll bring a couple, telling myself
      that that's
      more luggage space I'll have on the way home.


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