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16815A book on Mervyn Pearke

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  • Joe R. Christopher
    Jul 22, 2006
      I find listed in Rodopi's "Newsletter 2006/1" (a publisher's catalogue)
      Alice Mills' _Stuckness in the Fiction of Mervyn Peake_. The write-up
      starts, "Mervyn Peake has been acclaimed as an author of fantasy and as an
      illustrator, but as yet has received little attention from literary
      critics." The approach seems to be psychoanalytical (in the broad
      sense). Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi, 2005. ISBN-10:
      90-420-1708-2. ISBN-13: 978-90-420-1708-5. The paper edition costs $63,
      which may be the reason I haven't seen a discussion of the book.