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16811RE: [mythsoc] father christmas letters ?

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  • Oberhelman, D
    Jul 20, 2006
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      The ones reproduced in the most recent Houghton Mifflin edition are in the Bodleian as stated on the copyright page.

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      I'm pretty sure they're in the Bodleian. At least, this was the conclusion I came to while researching "Manuscripts by Tolkien" for the Tolkien Encyclopedia (edited by Mike Drout), and it hasn't been challenged in fact checking. :) I don't have my notes handy, or I could give you a more definitive basis for this, but that's who has them, I believe. (It is possible that one of two individual letters may be in other collections.)


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      Subject: [mythsoc] father christmas letters ?

      Good evening to all,

      I am away at the moment and cannot check my books : does anyone know where the Father Christmas Letters, the manuscripts, are ?
      I was asked by a European institution, wondering about the location of the original letters.

      thanks in advance,

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