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  • Stolzi@xxx.xxx
    Jun 14, 1999
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      Welcome to the new participants, "hi" to Diane, and an introduction.

      I'm Mary Stolzenbach, more than middle-aged, residing in Brentwood Tennessee,
      a 20 or 25 yr member of the Mythopoeic Society and a new member of this List.

      I hope our new members will seriously consider coming to the Mythcon this
      summer in Milwaukee, where our beloved authors will be discussed morning,
      noon and night, with a special focus on Tolkien this year. I don't know a
      more fun way to spend a weekend.

      If anyone's interested, I just came across a mega-site on the planned
      three-film live-action trilogy of LORD OF THE RINGS. This is apparently a
      quite serious project.

      The URL is http://ringbearer.org/

      Some of us of course find =no= film adaptations adequate, but there are some
      interesting pages of art with their conceptions of certain scenes, an
      interesting page of possibilities for casting, and a discussion board for
      those who want to pitch in.

      Since the subject seems to be leaning towards Tolkien, what about a
      discussion of him during the weeks to come? I'm just about ready to start a
      re-read of LOTR in preparation for the Con, and looking forward to it =very=

      For more discussion of Lewis, see also Mere Lewis web page at:

      where you can sign on to the MereLewis list.

      Also, Mythies like to discuss recent fantasy which is, or may be, in the
      tradition of the Inklings.

      Mary S
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