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16780Re: [mythsoc] All That Glitters Is Not Gold

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  • Berni Phillips
    Jun 30, 2006
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      From: "Wayne G. Hammond" <Wayne.G.Hammond@...>

      > John and David wrote:
      >> >Short version: you can't tell the story of LotR coherently and
      >> >completely in three and a half hours of stage time.
      >>Or, nine hours of movie time. (ooh, bites tongue)
      > And yet the version of the musical to open in London next year is to be
      > cut
      > back to only three hours.

      Now, I can see them doing that. You just make cuts. You don't really need
      4 hobbits: two, or at the most three, is enough. Cut Lothlorien -- it's
      just Rivendell with tree branches. Then you can skip Galadriel and those
      gifts. Cut the whole middle book -- it's just filler. You cut the nine
      riders to maybe four. And there's no ring other than The Ring.

      <ducking and running>
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