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  • John D Rateliff
    Jun 19, 2006
      The current issue of THE NEW YORKER has a lead article called "The
      Injustice Collector: The James Joyce estate vs. everyone else". Well
      worth reading for anyone interested in the role, malign or
      beneficial, that literary estates play in helping or hindering
      scholarship. Hard to read it without being grateful that the Tolkien
      Estate was put in the hands of Christopher Tolkien rather than
      falling under the control of a Stephen Joyce. And even the most rabid
      critic of Fr. Hooper would, I think, agree that his stewardship of
      the Lewis estate was preferable to what S.J. has done to the
      Joyceans. I was not aware that the "fair use" doctrine does not exist
      in Europe, nor is it clearly defined (e.g., permissible wordcount) in
      U.S. law. All in all, a thoughtful glimpse into a worst-case scenario
      we'll all lucky not to have to deal with.

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