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16694Re: [mythsoc] tolkien studies review of tolkien on film

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  • Berni Phillips
    Jun 13, 2006
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      From: "saraciborski" <saraciborski@...>

      >I was somewhat taken aback by the rather negative review, just read
      > yesterday, of "Tolkien on Film" in the new Tolkien Studies vol.3. The
      > reviewer, Kristin Thompson, is especially critical of Bratman and Croft
      > for allegedly failing to understand the critical importance (financial,
      > that is) of making the films appeal to modern audiences--this being the
      > rationale for most of Jackson's changes in character and plot. On this
      > point (of several that I would argue with) she makes the unquestioned,
      > unstated assumption that the films would NOT have appealed to modern
      > audiences had the characters had the heroic stature intended and
      > portrayed by Tolkien. We'll never know.

      Uh, isn't Tolkien's entire audience modern? After all, it's not exactly
      16th century literature.

      I suppose we're supposed to read "modern" as "under 25 years of age" or
      something like that. And yeah, true heroes are definitely passe. Let's
      turn them into shallow, immature jerks -- the target audience.

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