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16690tolkien studies review of tolkien on film

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  • saraciborski
    Jun 12, 2006
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      I was somewhat taken aback by the rather negative review, just read
      yesterday, of "Tolkien on Film" in the new Tolkien Studies vol.3. The
      reviewer, Kristin Thompson, is especially critical of Bratman and Croft
      for allegedly failing to understand the critical importance (financial,
      that is) of making the films appeal to modern audiences--this being the
      rationale for most of Jackson's changes in character and plot. On this
      point (of several that I would argue with) she makes the unquestioned,
      unstated assumption that the films would NOT have appealed to modern
      audiences had the characters had the heroic stature intended and
      portrayed by Tolkien. We'll never know.

      Has anyone else a reaction to this review?

      Sara Ciborski
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