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16639RE: [mythsoc] Oklahoma

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  • David Bratman
    May 26, 2006
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      At 08:13 AM 5/26/2006 -0500, Croft, Janet B. wrote:
      >5. Kept rifles to protect them from wild Indian attacks
      >Nope -- we use ours to kill rattlesnakes, but you won't see those on campus.
      > Sometimes you see a skunk, though! Just greet him politely and move on...

      The wild mosquito is the animal we're worried about. Will it be seen (or
      more accurately felt) on campus much?

      >6. had electricity
      >Yes, lots. In fact if you'd like to see a very impressive wind farm, take
      >I-40 west to Weatherford.

      And any wind farm fans should come to Berkeley next year, too: there's a
      striking wind farm on the hills of the Altamont Pass east of Berkeley.

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