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16621RE: [mythsoc] Recruiting a Mythopoeic Press Secretary

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  • Oberhelman, D
    May 23, 2006

      I may be interesting in this post. I will want to discuss it in some more detail, but it would be a great opportunity.

      I am going to be in a retreat for the next few days, but can check email. Thanks,


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      Subject: [mythsoc] Recruiting a Mythopoeic Press Secretary

      At last Saturday's meeting the Stewards produced this "job description"
      for the Secretary of the Mythopoeic Press:

      Please help the Society by contacting me with an expression of interest in
      the position, or by encouraging people to apply who might be suitable. The
      Mythopoeic Press Board has many excellent ideas for future projects, but
      they are hampered by the lack of a Secretary. If you like what the
      Mythopoeic Press has done so far, please let us continue the good
      work--finding people willing to work for nothing but the love of the work
      (and the product) is a bit of a tough sell, so we need all of you out
      there looking for candidates.

      It takes a village to find a Steward...

      Ditto for Webmaster, a new Steward position. Lack of one is really
      hampering our ability to update the site, especially the Shopping Cart
      feature. A "job description" for that will be forthcoming soon, but I
      thinl most of you who know likely candidates know what the basic job

      Edith L. Crowe | (408) 808-2037 | edith.crowe@...
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