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  • Beth Russell
    May 13, 2006
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      Dear Ms Carter,

      To find "The Travelling Rug" on the Mythsoc website, go to the homepage,
      then click on "Mythopoeic Press" located in the column on the left.
      "Travelling Rug" still listed as 'forthcoming' but it has been out for a
      little while now. You can click there to order the book through the

      If you do not want to use Paypal through the website, you can order
      directly from the Orders Department, which is me: Beth Russell of
      Russell Books.

      Phone number: 318-865-5198 (Tues - Sat 10-5 CST).

      Email: russells@...

      We can take your Visa or MC, or check or money order in US currency.

      So glad you are interested in the Sayers story -- it is a good one!


      BOOKS - D & B Russell

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      Subject: [mythsoc] Re: reviews in MYTHPRINT

      At the risk of sounding pushy, I wonder if anyone might be interested
      in reviewing the two fantasy novels my husband and I wrote in
      collaboration, WILD SORCERESS and BESIEGED ADEPT? Ellie told me she was
      having trouble finding enough reviewers but would print a review if I
      could find someone willing to write it.

      You can get info on the books at the publisher's site,
      www.amberquill.com, if interested (easiest way is to click my name on
      the "Authors" list). I can send e-book files if you like reading that
      way, or I can have trade paperbacks shipped to you. Thanks.

      My essay on paranormal romance, with 2 books reviewed as examples,
      appears in the newest MYTHPRINT (thanks, Ellie!). Hope some of you
      found it interesting.

      I was thrilled to read about the recently published Dorothy Sayers
      detective story from the Mythopoeic Press. I can't find mention of it
      in the list of publications on the Society's website, though, so the
      only way I know to order it is from Amazon.com. And they predict a wait
      of 2 weeks or more, which always makes me suspicious as to whether they
      can get it at all. Can anyone tell me how to order the book directly
      from the Society? There doesn't seem to be an ad for it in this

      Margaret L. Carter

      The Mythopoeic Society website http://www.mythsoc.org
      Yahoo! Groups Links
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