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16570Re: [mythsoc] news: Catholic Church contemplates fantasy

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  • Bonnie Callahan
    May 10, 2006
      Hi David;

      I hope they won't be obtuse on the issue, like some
      Fundamentalists have been.

      On a positive note, I'm including a thread of E-mails
      from my other Tolkien gp. I find this
      info quite encouraging and thought the MythSoc
      should know about "Tolkien Reading Day", and
      encourage similar events.

      To: Tolkien_Forever@yahoogroups.com
      From:  "Debbie" <primmy_b@...
      Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 22:04:10 -0000
      Subject: [Tolkien_Forever] Re: "Reading Day"
      participants request: please read

      Wow, that is a great idea to promote Tolkien Reading
      like that (with ORC) and get the main Library
      involved early, etc.
      Very cool!
      I bet all that synergy and involvement ahead of time
      will get us
      a whopping reading day audience next year! I love all
      interest in the original books generated interest in
      the films, which
      in turn created interest in the books again.

      --- In Tolkien_Forever@yahoogroups.com, Garfeimao
      > Jacki, I talked to a friend of mine who works at an
      > Library, and she gave me her card and said that any
      > kind of big event should probably go through the
      > Central Library in Downtown. Anyhow, if we go
      > the Library and work this early, we may not have to
      > advertise it, they would probably do it for us. I'll
      > send you an email offlist and CC her into it so you
      > can get talking.
      > OH, and ORC will be 2 weeks before Tolkien Reading
      > next year, so we can do a version of it at the
      > convention and then promote it heavily at the con.
      > > From: "Jacki Stevens"
      > > Date: Tue May 9, 2006 2:19pm(PDT)
      > > Subject: Re: "Reading Day" participants request:
      > > please read
      > >
      > > Regarding Reading day (from the Grand Master of
      > > Ceremonies!)
      > > I have taken up the gauntlet to ensure that our
      > > next years Reading
      > > Day is going to come off without a hitch. (Is this
      > > ok with you,
      > > Kristi?) I am contacting several sponsors to try
      > > raise the
      > > funding for advertising as this is our major
      > > to try and get
      > > the word out. We already know what day it will be,
      > > so I figure, why
      > > not?
      > > I contacted the Festival of Books organizers to
      > > try and get their
      > > secrets. It is simple networking, so it seems. I
      > > realize that our
      > > next reading day isn't until March of 2007, but I
      > > know a lot of you
      > > work in the industries where connections matter.
      > > I can ask that
      > > for those who know of an organization who can
      > > support our next
      > > Reading Day, please feel free to forward me some
      > > contact information
      > > to my email at JackiStevens@...
      > > Thanks!
      > > Jacki :)

      --- David Bratman <dbratman@...> wrote:

      > Focusing on Tolkien, Harry Potter and Others
      > Council for Culture Joins in Event on English
      > Literature
      > VATICAN CITY, MAY 9, 2006 (Zenit.org).- Writers,
      > literary critics and
      > Church figures are gathered in Rome to analyze
      > 20th-century English
      > literature and answer the question: "Is there an
      > authentic distinction in
      > literature between reality and fantasy?"
      > These and other questions will be addressed during a
      > study day on the theme
      > "Catholicism and Literature in the 20th Century."
      > This year the meeting, promoted by the Pontifical
      > Council for Culture, and
      > organized with the Institute of the Italian
      > Encyclopedia, is being held in
      > the institute's Igea Room, in Rome. The two-day
      > meeting, the seventh of its
      > kind, ends Wednesday.
      > "From the literary point of view, did the 1900s see
      > the triumph of realism
      > or the return to fantasy?" asks a press statement
      > from the pontifical council.
      > "The century of Proust, Svevo and Joyce was also
      > marked by the popular
      > success of the sagas of Tolkien and Lewis, to say
      > nothing of the two major
      > literary phenomena at the dawn of the new
      > millennium: 'Harry Potter' and
      > 'The Da Vinci Code,'" it states.
      > Two questions stand out among those that will be
      > addressed at the meeting:
      > "Is it possible to be discerning in the 'mare
      > magnum' [vast sea] of fantasy
      > writing? And how does this task connect to the
      > spiritual and moral
      > dimension of literature?"
      > The meeting was presented today by Cardinal Paul
      > Poupard, president of the
      > Pontifical Council for Culture.
      > Focus on Newman
      > Among the speakers are Oxford professors and writers
      > Leonie and Stratford
      > Caldecott, as well as Italian literary critics Paolo
      > Gulisano and Andrea
      > Monda, and Jesuit Father Gerald O'Collins, professor
      > of theology at the
      > Gregorian University.
      > The meeting is highlighting in particular the
      > writings of English Cardinal
      > John Henry Newman (1801-1890), whose influence was
      > decisive on 20th-century
      > literature. Graham Greene called him the "patron of
      > Catholic novelists."
      > Newman's "'children' are those authors who have
      > managed to combine a taste
      > for fantasy with adherence to the Christian vision,"
      > said the pontifical
      > council's communiqué. "Some are well known, such as
      > Tolkien and Lewis, but
      > others, such as Chesterton, who died 70 years ago,
      > deserve more attention."
      > It added that the meeting is reflecting "critically
      > on these authors in
      > order to shed light on the media phenomenon
      > connected to their works."
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