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16559Re: [mythsoc] Lindskoog & Hooper [Was: Re: Alastair Fowler]

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  • John D Rateliff
    May 3, 2006
      On May 2, 2006, at 5:38 AM, Patrick Wynne wrote:
      > Kathryn gives a full account of her ill-conceived (and self-admittedly
      > "foolish") hoax on Stephen Scofield in her book "Fakes, Frauds &
      > Other Malarkey: 301 Amazing Stories and How Not to be Fooled"
      > (Zondervan, 1993). It appears in a four-page concluding chapter
      > entitled "A Hoaxer's Epilogue" (pp. 275-78), which she concludes
      > with the comment:
      > "Thus I learned that although it is surprisingly easy to toss off
      > silly
      > forgeries, it is hard to avoid doing accidental harm with them and
      > absolutely impossible to overestimate human gullibility."
      > Has Walter Hooper EVER been this forthcoming about his known
      > "exaggerations"? Not that I've heard. There is indeed no comparison
      > to be made between Lindskoog's openness and Walter Hooper's
      > apparent lack thereof.

      I would give Lindskoog more credit for "openness" if the account you
      refer to were actually truthful. Unfortunately, it's a self-serving
      melange of untruths, as consultation with the original newspaper
      articles published at the time reveals.
      So, Fr. Hooper silently corrected the record without ever
      confessing to having misled people, while Lindskoog published a false
      story rewriting history to excuse her behavior.
      What a world, what a world.

      --John R.

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