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  • Jane Bigelow
    Apr 16, 2006
      Dear mythies,

      Talisman, my fantasy novel set in a world somewhat like our Silk Road, has
      been published by Pronghorn Press under their new Antelios imprint. My
      main character, Layla, was getting by as a gem thief in dusty Charransar
      until she broke the first rule of her craft: never steal from a
      temple. Ah, but the emerald eye of Sarinsat was so beautiful, and so
      valuable! How was Layla to know that she'd attract the gratitude of an
      entirely different deity: Kossinli, Goddess of Mirth. There's a caravan
      journey, priestess, a wizard, lots of great food, and a donkey.

      Some of you have heard me read from Talisman at Mythcons past. My
      website, www.janebigelow.com, has a downloadable pdf of the first chapter.

      End of SSP.

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