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16507Pullman and Poe

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  • John D Rateliff
    Apr 4, 2006
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      Recently came across a nice little selection of Poe's poem from
      Scholastic with an introduction by Philip Pullman; a very pleasant
      discovery to find that, when he's writing about an author he likes
      and admires, Pullman is a very insightful critic. Recommended. Also
      just read Pullman's adaptation of Aladdin, the most interesting
      feature of which is the appearance of people of color throughout the
      illustrations (by Sophy Wms, an artist I don't know), rather than the
      all-white lot most children's illustrators use for Arabian Nights tales.

      Also, for those interested/fascinated/appalled by attempts by the
      less-talented to finish works by dead authors, there's a new
      collection either just out or just about to come out (not seen)
      called POE'S LIGHTHOUSE, ed. Christopher Conlon, where twenty-three
      authors "collaborate" with the late Edgar Poe, providing expansions,
      conclusions, or frames for the story Poe was working on when he died.
      Rbt Bloch tried this years ago and the result was a flop of
      Derlethian proportions; be interesting to see what this lot make of it.

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