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16450Re: Documenting Tolkien university classes

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  • Michael Martinez
    Mar 16, 2006
      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Larry Swain" <theswain@...> wrote:
      > Michael,
      > You should keep in mind that a number of colleges and universities
      > use programs such as Blackboard now, that while use a web interface
      > are not available via the web. My course for example From Homer to
      > Neo in which over 1/3 is devoted to LoTR is entirely on
      > blackboard. While I'm sure that you would never list my course, I
      > know that I can not be alone in this.

      The purpose of the listing is to collate in one place a list of
      online reference materials such as course syllabi and outlines for
      people who want to study Tolkien. The required reading lists will be
      the most useful portions of these sites.

      No one's class will be excluded provided there is a publicly
      accessible page which describes the course and its study materials.

      As I've already encountered a number of course listings that don't
      offer the details I'm looking for, I see I'll have to provide a
      secondary list of schools that offer classes relating to Tolkien.

      I have a list of several hundred URLs I am going through. It will
      take time. I decided to make this request in several places to speed
      up the process. Anyone who can point me to a URL like this one


      will be helping me. All suggestions are welcome. It doesn't matter
      if I already have the URLs. I'm just trying to compile a list as
      quickly as possible.

      No ratings, recommendations, referrals, endorsements, or
      blacklistings are involved. If an institution has added a class to
      its curriculum and has published information about the class (even if
      it's only a page under the instructor's account on the school
      server), I want to see the URL.

      Based on the feedback I've already received, I know this project will
      evolve pretty fast.

      Michael Martinez
      "Cuando Maria canta, canta para mí"
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