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16431Documenting Tolkien university classes

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  • Michael Martinez
    Mar 16, 2006
      Hi, folks,

      I've been developing a new Tolkien research site and one of the
      sections is a link list to university/college sites that teach Tolkien
      courses or courses where Tolkien is required reading or a topic of

      I have found many classes that have not yet been added to the list
      because I need to review the syllabi and course descriptions and make
      sure they say something substantive about how the classes cover

      Nonetheless, this is an ongoing project and it will take a lot of time
      for me to compile a good list of resources.

      If anyone here knows of a course being taught on Tolkien (or on a
      subject where Tolkien's work is a substantial part of the course
      work), please drop me a line offlist. I don't mind browsing the
      Mythsoc list for suggestions in the least, but I suspect this type of
      request is best handled offlist.

      The classes need to be from universities and colleges. My list so far
      only includes U.S. institutions but I welcome non-U.S. listings. I'll
      eventually add them anyway.

      The classes can be for credit or in continuing education.

      1-time seminars are not being included unless there is an indication
      that the topic has been or will be re-scheduled. So, any Special
      Studies courses where Tolkien was obviously done only once won't be
      acceptable. But any special studies or seminar courses where Tolkien
      (oor the Inklings) is a regular or semi-regular topic are acceptable.

      I need URLs to course descriptions. Class syllabi are okay, provided
      they indicate who teaches the class and whether it may be offered more
      than once.

      The classes can be in any discipline. I have so far found classes in
      Classical Studies, Religious Studies, Medieval Studies, Modern
      Literature, etc. I accepted one class that focused on Tolkien and
      Film (specifically comparing Tolkien's work to the movies) even though
      I'm not sure it will be offered again.

      What is most important is that the course descriptions/syllabi include
      at least some references for required reading. There should also be
      an indication of who is teaching the course.

      At this time, I am NOT looking for high school-level classes, although
      I'll give that some consideration further on down the road.

      Thanks in advance.

      Michael Martinez
      Author of Understanding Middle-earth, Parma Endorion, and Visualizing
      "Cuando Maria canta, ella canta para mí"
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