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16406Re: More on Elwins, was: [mythsoc] Inklings quasi-sighting in UK politics

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  • Lezlie
    Mar 3, 2006
      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, alexeik@... wrote:

      > Ah--yes... it's -- ever so slowly -- coming back to me. Curious: How
      > does Guinevere become "white shadow"? Thanks, Lezlie
      > <<
      > "Guinevere" is _Gwenhwyfar_: _gwen_ "white" (feminine, with original
      'g' unlenited) + _hwyfar_ an otherwise unattested word that is
      nevertheless obviously s cognate of Irish _siabhra_ "apparition,
      phantom, fairy being".
      > I had a typo in my earlier post: "maiden" is _morwyn_ (from an
      earlier *_morigna_). _Morwen_ is actually a personal name, meaning
      > Alexei

      Thanks-- very useful. Lezlie
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