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16344new book of Tolkien-inspired art

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  • John D Rateliff
    Feb 6, 2006
      Just found out about this one, and passing news of it along in case
      anyone on the list is interested in Tolkien-inspired art.
      There's a new book out by one Ruth Lacon (THE ART OF RUTH LACON)
      from ADC Books (www.adcbooks.co.uk). It's fairly pricey at thirty
      The samples on the flyer sent to me seem to indicate that her
      style is more what I associate with children's books than fantasy
      illustration: deliberately flat, most unshaded, a preference for
      solid blocks of color. Oddly enough, the cover shows Bilbo in the
      tree in Mirkwood surrounded by the black "purple emperor"
      butterflies--except that all the butterflies are a vivid indigo blue,
      not black. Very odd to choose a scene and ignore the most distinctive
      thing the author says about it, I thought.

      --John R.
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