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16325Re: [mythsoc] Hodgepodge

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  • Stolzi
    Feb 2, 2006
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      From: "Cai Cherie" <eternityfindsitself@...>

      > Back in the late 70s, early 80s, I was occaisonly able to attend meetings
      > of the NY CS Lewis Society. I remember being told, in a very sotto voice
      > sort of way, that it was had --on good authority -- though what that
      > authority was, was never put to any test -- that Lewis was a virgin.

      I do remember this being put about at that time, can't be sure where I got
      it (never was at the NY CSL), but I think in something Hooper wrote. Later
      he wrote a retraction wh I remember reading.

      I personally didn't believe it, even at the time (having read FOUR LOVES and
      A GRIEF OBSERVED), but would like to add this:

      =I= know people, including some men, who I think are probably virgins. And
      so what? If we are Christian (as some of us, by no means all, in the
      MythSoc are), are we letting modern society around us - what the Bible calls
      "the world" - set our standards for us? Does CSL have to have sexual
      experience as a "badge of honor"? I think not.

      I close with what he himself wrote in THE PROBLEM OF PAIN:

      "I have been warned not even to raise the question of animal immortality,
      lest I find myself 'in company with all the old maids.' I have no objection
      to the company. I do not think either virginity or old age contemptible, and
      some of the shrewdest minds I have met inhabited the bodies of old maids."

      I really like the opening of that third sentence. Very forcefully Lewisian.

      Diamond Proudbrook
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