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16309Re: Fw: "Beauty of the female" quote from THS

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  • menelvagor1939
    Feb 1, 2006
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      Dear Diamond,

      Thanks very much for posting this contribution to our knowledge of the
      origin of the THS "beauty of the female" quote. Given this apparent
      genesis of the THS quote, I tend to agree with you that Lewis wrote it
      himself. But perhaps he wasn't sure if he had made it up or whether he
      had read it somewhere and so put "..." around it.

      I think the reference to Barfield's unfinished novel may be important.
      Does anyone in this group have access to the Wade collection or has
      anyone visited it to check out Barfield's manuscript? The relevant
      information may be found at <http://www.owenbarfield.com/>

      Also, given Williams's influence on Lewis when he was writing THS, I
      think it is possible he is remembering something Williams had read
      and told him about. Those who think the ultimate source of the
      Lilith-Eve contrast may be from medieval or Renaissance periods are
      probably right. Perhaps a Renaissance writer who had studied the KABALLAH?


      In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Stolzi" <Stolzi@c...> wrote:
      > I recently tried to get some help on the quote by cross-posting to
      the CSL
      > list, SpareOom. One of their members wrote
      > > A wonderful clue! I've found the letter
      > > to Barfield. It
      > >> was written June 19, 1930. In it, Lewis mentions
      > > Coventry
      > >> Patmore's "Angel in the House," and writes this to
      > > Barfield: "What
      > >> particularly impressed me was his taking--what one
      > > expects to find
      > >> mentioned only in anti-feminists--the lilithian
      > > desire to be admired
      > >> and making it his chief point--the lover as
      > > primarily the mechanism
      > >> by wh. [sic] the woman's beauty apprehends itself."
      > >>
      > >> 'Lewis expands on the idea in the next paragraph
      > > ("The idea of female
      > >> beauty is the erotic stimulus for women as well as
      > > men.") He then
      > >> says: "You are very good on this, in Margaret in the
      > > novel,"
      > >> referring, as Hooper helpfully says in a footnote,
      > > to Barfield's
      > >> novel, English People.
      > ENGLISH PEOPLE, I have learned, was never published and is in an
      > somewhere, I think at the Wade Collection. But this citation of a
      > letter may be the first time the idea of the "lilithian desire" crossed
      > CSL's mind.
      > Other readers checked the Patmore original and did not find the
      quote there.
      > I incline more and more to think that Lewis (a master of pastiche in
      > case) composed the quote which Jane reads, himself.
      > Diamond Proudbrook
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