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16280Re: [mythsoc] Alan Jacobs book

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  • Mike Foster
    Jan 27, 2006
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      Factual errors are becoming a great annoyance. They get repeated.
      Doesn't anyone read these things? Of course, when what is arguably
      America's best general magazine New Yorker got in $$ doodoo, guess who
      got laid off first?

      The fact checkers.

      Moral of the story: Bill Wyman is the only Rolling Stones historian to
      trust. He wrote it down as he lived it.

      Ooops. Slight topic shift.

      John D. Rateliff wrote:

      >Had to give up on trying to read Alan Jacobs' THE NARNIAN a week or so ago,
      >since found myself getting too annoyed at the factual errors. I very much
      >enjoyed some of the things Jacobs had to say (he's written the best short
      >bit on Barfield's importance to Lewis I've ever come across) but couldn't
      >stick out all the misreadings and contradictions (he immediately followed
      >the Barfield passage by asserting that Harwood and Hamilton-Jenkins were
      >Inklings). Can someone who enjoyed the book post something nice about it,
      >reasons why you enjoyed it? Maybe I'm being too harsh on it, and a different
      >perspective might enable me to pick it back up and finish the thing.
      > --John R.
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