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1628Re: [mythsoc] Harry Potter

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  • Matthew Winslow
    Jun 21, 2000
      Stolzi@... [Stolzi@...] wrote:
      > Lotta uproar about the upcoming US release of #4, whose title is not even
      > known (but couldn't one find it at amazon.co.uk?... just asking) .

      Nope, Mary. amazon.co.uk is as quiet as the U.S. site. From their page for
      'The Fourth Harry Potter'

      'The publishers, Bloomsbury, are keeping everyone guessing about the title of
      the latest HP adventure--it seems that only four people in the company know the
      title, and even the design of the book jacket is being kept well and truly
      under wraps. But JK Rowling has hinted at a couple of developments in the
      story: rumour has it that someone might die, and that Harry has his first taste
      of young love. Whatever happens, it certainly sounds as if this is one book
      that is going to be worth every moment of the wait.'

      So I'm guessing it'll be 'Harry Potter and the Throes of Puberty.'

      The book, btw, has the same release date on either side of the pond.

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