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16127Re: [mythsoc] Re: New Oxford Review on CSL

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  • Stolzi
    Jan 4, 2006
      There was an opera of PERELANDRA, composed by Donald Swann. He visited
      Lewis once to discuss it and I conclude CSL was not hostile to the notion,
      though I doubt he ever attended the production (someone may know better than
      me on this, though). Swann, half of the comedy duo Flanders & Swann, was
      also a serious composer who put some of Tolkien's songs to music, as well.
      He must have liked our authors.

      (Competition now open for opera from a Charles Williams work. Which one
      would be best?)

      Diamond Proudbrook

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      From: "Lezlie" <lezlie1@...>

      Very enjoyable! You know...there might *be* a ballet in Perelandra ...
      the Muses know that stranger material has been mined for ballet
      choreographers (if that's the terminology). I suspect Lewis would
      disapprove of "that modern stuff", though. Lezlie
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