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  • Anthony and Jessica
    Jan 2, 2006
      Greetings John:
      Hope your New Year is beginning well--Prior to Xmas we caught a
      documentary entitled: "C.S. Lewis: Beyond Narnia," which, if this is
      the one your friends refer to, had Brian Sibley doing commentary work
      about Lewis, and an actor on a set aka the Kilns telling of Lewis'
      life. As the actor spoke of Lewis' life in 1st person, there would be
      a scene detailing that specific period being spoken of, i.e. an
      Inklings meeting w/ Tolkien telling Lewis that "this just won't do"
      re: Narnia, other actors there played Williams, Warnie et al. After
      each scene Sibley would speak more on his life.
      Its ok, pretty basic stuff one can read out of a biography, ala
      Sayer's "Jack"--the acting and depictions of the Inklings are a
      bit "hokey" and "cheesy" if my clumsy words make sense ---(have not
      finished 1st cup o tea yet--still not awake :-)
      NE Tolkien Society

      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "John D. Rateliff" <sacnoth@e...>
      > On Christmas Day, some friends asked if I'd seen the C. S. Lewis
      > that'd been on tv a few days before, I think they said on the
      > channel. Did anyone catch this? Was it any good? I'd like to see it,
      > hard to track it down without a title or any specific information.
      > --JDR
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